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Maintaining Your Jaguar

You know the feel of Jaguar luxury and the pride you get as you cruise down the road, many admiring eyes upon you. You think you know your special Jaguar, the one that you have invested your heart and soul into, not to mention your checkbook… but, do you know how to keep it running at its best?

Let British Automotive Ltd perform a complete Jaguar auto service!

Your Jag sits in your garage safe and sound when you are not out and about and it always seems to perform when you pull it out and onto the road. Have you been lucky so far or are you an owner that is truly taking care of your investment?

Great news! You can keep your Jaguar performing at its best by taking some simple steps, the most important of which is its regularly scheduled maintenance by British Automotive, Ltd. We are a qualified Jaguar repair shop.

NOTE: Proper maintenance doesn’t mean running it over an oil bay and getting it out as quick as possible. You see, proper Jaguar maintenance is not a while you wait proposition.

To keep your Jaguar running properly, these routine maintenance items, done on their regular schedule, are important:

Changing oil and oil filter are obvious to most drivers when it comes to maintaining an engine. In the case of the Air Filter and the Fuel Filter, many drivers do not realize how these two items alone can drastically affect performance and mileage. By performing these simple maintenance items, you can enhance your driving experience and minimize the overall expense of ownership.

Don’t we all wish it was that simple?

By bringing your Jaguar into British Automotive Ltd, part of the Crown Hill Automotive Group, we can perform the typical care items with a discriminating eye, taking the time and using the resources and parts to do the job right.

Additionally, our ASE Certified Master Technicians can have the opportunity to drive and assess your Jaguar’s performance and inspect those items that an untrained individual would miss. Early detection of a problem can often prevent further repairs and expense down the road and possibly keep you off of the side of the road.

At British Automotive Ltd, we want to be the people you trust to keep you on the road and enjoying the investment you have already made.

We want to make it simple for you.

Call us at 206-782-7950 to make an appointment for one of our ASE Certified Master Technicians to inspect and maintain your Jag or come in to see us at 9009 Holman Rd NW, Seattle, WA 98117.